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Yoyo,: Vermonia, Volume 5 : The Warriors' Trial

Vermonia, Volume 5 : The Warriors' Trial


As the epic manga series continues, the threat to the Turtle Realm grows--and the warriors must show courage and wisdom far beyond their years. In part five of the Vermonia series, Mel continues her double life imprisoned within the castle of Acidulous, but now she is not alone: Satorin has been lured there by the beautiful and seductive squelp Satoran. Although Mel's powers are growing, will they be enough to free her and Satorin from Uro's evertightening trap? Meanwhile, Doug, Jim, and Naomi must confront monsters of their own making that rise from Xandan Lake's waters, illusory demons embodying their greatest fears and hopes. As Xandan Island collapses around them, they risk perishing along with Irenu, Butabo, and half the army of the Turtle Realm. Only with the miraculous arrival of the Aqami's warship does their escape seem possible.

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Author: Yoyo,
Number of Pages: 190 pages
Published Date: 09 Aug 2011
Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780763656102
Download Link: Click Here

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