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*FREE* Best AB Exercises : Abdominal Workout Routi

Patrick Barrett,: Best AB Exercises : Abdominal Workout Routine for Core Strength and a Flat Stomach

Best AB Exercises : Abdominal Workout Routine for Core Strength and a Flat Stomach


Best Ab Exercises is not like most abdominal workout books out there--in fact, it does not contain a single traditional "crunch" or "sit-up" type exercise. Indeed, the weakness in many workout routines that target your core is that a lot of those exercises work your stomach in near isolation. This is nothing like the way your abdomen and lower back operate in real life. In a real-life situation, your core muscles work with other major muscle groups to provide stability and control for your whole body. That means that in your workouts, it's important to have your stomach and your back working together with those other muscle groups for optimal results. That's what makes Best Ab Exercises different. The exercises you will learn in this book engage the major muscle groups in your upper or lower body (or both, depending on the specific exercise) while simultaneously working your core. The result is a more complete and effective ab routine that burns more fat, builds more muscle, and actually makes you stronger. And let's not forget a vital component here-a core workout must involve not only your stomach but also your lower back. This book contains everything you need to know to work and stretch your lower back in addition to your abs, to maximize strength and minimize the risk of injury and lower back pain. You'll learn a full range of different exercises, complete with detailed descriptions and pictures to ensure clarity and good form, that can challenge anyone, from a pure beginner to an experienced athlete. A good core workout is absolutely essential. Whether your goal is to look better, get stronger, or just be healthier in general, effective ab exercises need to be a priority. So pick up a physical or digital copy of Best Ab Exercises today-you'll learn an abdominal exercise routine you can keep using for the rest of your life.

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Author: Patrick Barrett,
Number of Pages: 84 pages
Published Date: 29 Jul 2012
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781478202905
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